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4.5" 22 LR Side Charging Upper w/handstop, SWMP15-22, and 1 mag.

B, B&F, or F.

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Why Mall Ninja?

Because you just got to love it, it's funny, and life should be fun..

The Meaning of Mall Ninja.. 

“” A mall ninja is a type of weapons and combat enthusiast that is characterized by being so ungrounded in reality as to make even the most hardcore gun nuts shake their heads. Equal parts naïveté, delusion, and obnoxiousness, the mall ninja contributes to countless ill-informed online debates concerning arms, armor, and warfare, and is a common consumer of assorted paramilitary woo, broscience, and shared misconceptions about history and the world. The term "mall ninja" is pejorative; no one self-identifies as such.  More often, they self-identify as weapon "experts," martial arts aficionados, and otherwise Really Cool Guys. The first widely-known use of the term came from the gun enthusiast forum GlockTalk, where a clown asking for tactical advice claimed to be the sergeant of a special security team in one of the nation's largest malls, as well as a master of ninjutsu; his claims only got more ridiculous from there. Hence the "mall ninja".[1] However, the concept is quite old; starting in the 1970s, for instance, magazines like Soldier of Fortune and Black Belt Magazine catered to this demographic, often to the point of earning mockery from real active-duty servicemen, veterans, and martial artists.